Upbeat: Fifty Amp Fuse


POSTED: 03/04/10, 12:01 AM EST | UPDATED: ON 03/04/2010



Formed: June 2005 in Allen Park

Sound: Classic rock and funk covers

Members: Remy Lambert — vocals and guitar (Allen Park); Tam Johnstone — vocals, drums, guitar, mandolin, bass (Dearborn); David Eversole — bass, guitar, vocals (Milford); Allen David — vocals, keyboards (Allen Park); Billy Kamalay — guitar, vocals (Allen Park). Louis Metoyer — guitar, vocals (Los Angeles) and former Trans Siberian Orchestra member Peter Shaw — vocals, guitar (New York) join for “special events.”

Influences: Musical director Lambert says the diverse playlists of Detroit radio of the ’60s and early ’70s made a mark on all of Fifty Amp Fuse’s members. “Listening to (Windsor’s) CKLW and Detroit’s WKNR, stations like that, there was your Motown stuff and then you’d hear Earth, Wind & Fire and then The Beatles and Peter Frampton. It was a really wide variety of music. I think that shows in what we do.”

Day Jobs: All of Fifty Amp Fuse’s members are full-time musicians.

Under Covers: With a playlist of nearly 200 songs — including pieces as meticulous as Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” — and by playing at least four nights a week, Fifty Amp Fuse has developed a reputation for uncannily accurate and faithful renditions of these familiar songs. “We pride ourselves on being meticulous about every little detail of a song and recreating them pretty accurately,” Lambert explains. “In our minds, the idea is, ‘Let’s give someone that flashback of, ‘I remember where I was and what I was doing when I heard that song the first time.’ It’s designed to do that, so we work hard and rehearse a lot to get things right.”